Delivery and payment

The provider delivers the goods to all countries in the world.

The provider must deliver the goods as promised. Upon delivery he must offer the user additional information regarding the right to a withdrawal, especially the conditions and the manner of exercising the right. He must ensure all necessary information regarding address, which the user may contact in case of a complaint, and information regarding warranties and service or other services after the contract has been fulfilled.

For the delivery of orders we use the Slovenian Post (Pošta Slovenije). The ordered products are delivered to your address that was entered as the delivery address. Deliveries are mostly done in the morning time. If you cannot collect the consignment upon delivery, you can later collect it at the nearest post office of the Slovenian Post (applies to the delivery in Slovenia). The transportation costs are always paid by the client. (Except in cases that are stated in the section Consignment.)



The delivery of the products in a work week from Monday to Friday is such as it is evident on the side of the product.

The shipping costs for the delivery of ordered goods pays the costumer and is for delivery in Slovenia:


- package up to 500g - 2.60 € with VAT

- for all other packages uniform shipping costs 4.00 € with VAT for a package 


For products with a value greater than 40 € is the delivery cost-free (in Slovenia).


For all other EU-countries and UK, Switzerland, Ireland the shipping costs are calculated uniformly:


- package up to 500g - 9.00 € with VAT 

- package up to 1000g - 13.00 € with VAT 

- package up to 2000g - 18.00 € with VAT 

- package up to 5000g - 21.00 € with VAT 


The order amounts for countries, where there are no shipping costs:


- Slovenia 40 € with VAT

- Germany 50 € with VAT 

- Austria 50 € with VAT 

- Hungary 50 € with VAT

- Belgium 60 € with VAT

- Spain 60 € with VAT

- France 60 € with VAT

- Italy 60 € with VAT 

- UK 70 € with VAT 

- Ireland 70 € with VAT 

- Switzerland 70 € with VAT 


For all other countries that are not listed above the shipping costs are calculated at the time of placing order.



All products in our offer have at least 1 month warranty. In case that the product has a different warranty period, it is included in the description of the product. For Internet shopping the warranty period begins with the day of package delivery.


Validity of the offer

Upon purchase the prices at the time of purchase apply. All prices contain VAT, except the used products, where VAT is calculated on the basis of Articles 48 and 49 of the Value Added Tax Act and the article 50 C of the Value Added Tax Act is not recorded. The prices in the webshop may change without prior notice. The pictures may be only symbolic and do not always reflect the actual state.



The provider issues an invoice on a durable medium with itemized costs and a notification to the user, how to withdraw from the purchase and how to return the products. The user pays the ordered goods on delivery or in advance to the provider's bank account.


Delivery time

For the products on stock the goods delivery is 2-4 working days. For the products that are not in stock the delivery time is up to 15 days after receiving the order. In case of an extended delivery time we will notify you about it per email or phone.