Ilkos d.o.o. was created in 2006 by the merger of Ilirija d.d. and Trgovina, svečarstvo Milena Kostanjevec s.p. The merged company handles every aspect of the production and sale of memorial, decorative and scented candles. We work with domestic and foreign partners, with whom we exchange know-how and experience.

Ilirija d.d.’s candlemaking tradition dates back to 1923, when Mr Ivan Rozman introduced candle production at Golob & Ko. In 1991 Ilirija relocated its candle production from Ljubljana to a new factory in Lendava. Candle production then continued uninterrupted at Ilirija until 2006, when the line was transferred to the newly created Ilkos d.o.o. Ilirija worked with many major customers during its long history of candlemaking, among them IKEA, and received great recognition for its quality. The candles sold under the Ilirija Light brand are recognised on the market for their high quality above all.

Milena Kostanjevec started her candlemaking business in 1995, developing a reputation over ten years as a maker of memorial, decorative and scented candles. During this time the company established itself as the leading producer and seller of memorial candles on the domestic market. This position was placed under threat on 17 July 2003 when a fire broke out at the plant in Stojnice, causing the company huge damage. The fire had catastrophic results, and completely destroyed the entire business.

The company’s future as a going concern was threatened, but despite the heavy damage there was an immediate search for solutions and options to restart production as soon as possible and to save all the jobs at the company. Thanks to help from the company’s business partners, we were able to continue with virtually full production of memorial candles.

Corporate vision

To become a successful company in the global market that adds value to the business of its partners by meeting the needs of candle consumers.

Mission statement

Ilkos d.o.o. aims to meet all the needs of its customers with its candle-related products and services. We are aware that we can only achieve our ambitious yet realistic goals if we continue to foster our mission:

  • to be a modern,

  • dynamic and highly adaptable company,

  • capable of identifying and satisfying the needs of markets and consumers.

We are convinced that we can meet our goals through knowledge, which is why we are always willing to promote creative ways of thinking and to constantly discover new ways of acting and operating. Systematic and continuous education helps us keep abreast of global progress, which is reflected both in our products and in the business as a whole.